White/Dovetail Gray Wash Lattice Large Metal Frame

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Add some vintage personality to any home with the Kada Frames Large Metal Frame. Each frame is a One of a Kind because of its unique finish and each is carefully handcrafted to retain its classic allure for years to come.

Every Metal Frame is Stamped like a Ceiling Tin and then Pressed onto a solid Backing.  A Distressed Wood Trim is then applied to create an amazing piece of Wall Art that will be long lasting and durable.  The Stamping Process adds Texture and Depth to the designs, as well as creating ridges and valleys that make the distressed paint and rust stand out even more.  Choose from one of Five different Metal Patterns-Cane, Key, Lattice, Pinwheel, or Trellis-or mix and match patterns to add a Metallic Touch to any room or decor.

Large Metal Frames are available in 8 x 10, 11 x 14, and 16 x 20 opening sizes and in many finishes like Distressed Paint, Rust, Patina, Bronze or Copper that can create a modern eclectic look or a rustic look.


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