Blue/White Double Frame


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The Double Frame is our best selling frame with its versatile design and unlimited color options.  This unique frame is actually a frame on top of a frame creating a large backdrop for your favorite photographs or memories.  The outside part of the Double Frame is a flat wood, and the inside is a beautiful raised molding that adds over one inch of depth.  These two parts create lines and edges that when hand distressed give the Double Frame an aged look that cannot be duplicated.

Color choices can be as easy as one solid color or can be any two color combination. Our Best Selling colors combines the use of Patina-a Kada Frames original color that is an actual chemical process combining Gold Metallic paint and solutions to get an aged “patina’ effect-on the inside trim and your favorite color on the outside frame.  Another Kada Finish that works great on the Double Frame is our hand rubbed stain that adds richness and texture to any color.



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