Chocolate/White Wide Beaded Frame (Copy)


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The Kada Frames Wide Beaded Frame is Brand New and fast becoming one of our Best Selling Styles.  The Wide Beaded Frames are great for any Beach House, but can also add a rustic look depending on your color choices.  These frames make fun children’s frames or you can pick your favorite College Colors to frame those game day memories.

Wide Beaded Frames are available with Straight or Offset Planks,  and come in one, two or three picture openings.  You can also choose from 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 Opening Sizes.  Each Frame is hand-crafted and hand-sanded and includes three layers to add depth to your pictures or prints.  A Burlap wrapped wood is attached to a Four Plank frame, which is topped  off with another painted wood trim and your picture is held in place with Clear Acrylic and  rusted screws.

Take your pick or our stock colors-the first color is the Plank color in solid or stripes, and the second color is the wood trim on top of the Burlap-or you can use our Color Chart to create the perfect designs for your customer.


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