Chocolate/Patina Decorative TableTop Frame


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TableTop Frames are Hot, Hot, Hot and Kada Frames has The Best Selection to choose from.  Whether its Wood or Metal, Painted or Stenciled, one of our TableTop Frames can be the perfect way to display your pictures in a freestanding Frame.  And adding a Cross or a Burlap Bow to most of our frames make them even more versatile.

The Decorative TableTop Frame is a Best Seller.  Styled after a Louisiana House Trim, the Beads and Curves of the frame look incredible when painted and hand distressed.  Add a Cross and the Decorative Tabletop Frame becomes a great way to Celebrate a Birth, Wedding or any special occasion.  Try our Burlap Bow and and some special colors and its a wonderful Kid’s frame.  Kada Decorative TableTop Frames are available in one and two color combinations, and our Original Patina finish works great as an accent or as a complete color.

All TableTop Frames are finished on both Front and Back, and come ready to stand as both Vertical and Horizontal, unless selected otherwise. Kada Frames uses its own simple, effective and Rustic Peg System to Stand each Frame.  Decorative TableTop Frames are available in 4 x 4, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10 Stock Sizes.  Choose one of our Stock Colors and use our Custom Frame process to match your own colors or fabrics,




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