White/Patina Transom

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Multiple Opening Frames can be great to display many pictures, prints or memories in a special, unique way.  Whether you are looking for an idea to fill a narrow or a hard to decorate space, or you want to group pictures without the cost of many frames, Our Multiple Opening Frames can be your solution.  And our many styles will enhance any decor-from Traditional to Modern Eclectic, or Rustic to just plain Fun.

Kada Frames Transom Frames take an Architectural Element from Homes long ago to those built yesterday.  Like the Transoms  that used to go over Doors and Windows to light up Rooms and Freshen the air, our frames can do the same.  Popular because of their narrow height or width, Transoms are great way to decorate hard to fit spaces and to display many memories.

Kada Frames Transoms are available in 5 x 7, 8 x 10 or 11 x 14  Openings, in any color, and  Pictures can be oriented either Vertical or Horizontal..  Stock sizes and pricing is based on Horizontal Frame with Horizontal Pictures.  Use our Stock designs or create your own amazing piece of Architectural Wall Decor through our Custom Quote process.


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