White Distressed Key Metal TableTop Frame

$55.00 to $65.00

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Since its Introduction at Kada Frames, the Metal TableTop Frame has been one of the Most Talked About and Best Selling Frames we have ever made.  Every Frame is a One of a Kind Finish, combining all of our processes including painting, distressing, rust, bronze, copper and Patina.  They may be small, but the WOW Factor is Large and surely will make everyone who see the Kada Metal TableTop Frame say “Oh My Gosh”.

We start by stamping out patterns like a Ceiling Tin, then we press the metal onto a backing that is sanded and ready to finish.  Like our Popular Large Metal Wall Frames, our Metal Frames are available in five different patterns-Cane, Key, Lattice, Pinwheel, and the Brand New Trellis.  The metal frames are then coated or rusted, and painted and distressed to look like aged metal from years ago.  All for the Perfect Frame for Home or Office, and with a style to fit any decor.

Kada Metal TableTop Frames are finished on the front and back, and every frame is made to stand Vertical and Horizontal using our Kada Peg System. Metal Tabletop Frames are available in 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10 sizes.


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